About Us

D.Fenstec: A Made in Italy Reality

D.Fenstec Srl, based in Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza), is a company with years of experience in the wellness industry.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the CEO, Gaetano Bertinato, the company developed FIT Therapy Technology, a technology with a solid scientific basis that can promote a pain-relieving action without the use of medication and thermal shocks. FIT Therapy is currently available in three product lines, classified as Class I Medical Devices: FIT Therapy Patch, a range of patches which relieve musculoskeletal pain; FIT Therapy Lady, a kit of three patches which reduce menstrual cycle pain; FIT Therapy Posture, an insole that increases balance and postural stability.

To date, because of numerous developments, the FIT Therapy products are available in pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbal medicine shops and healthcare shops, both in Italy and in 66 other countries worldwide and the countries which are investing in this product continue to grow exponentially.

The Demand

Initially, the need for FIT Therapy came from an awareness that the biominerals normally used in existing technologies were only aimed at thermal regulation. Tests and research have shown that the human body emits and receives infrared waves, which can eliminate the toxins that are one of the main causes of inflammation and pain. These studies led to the D.Fenstec concept, resulting in a solution that exploits the capacity of far infrared electromagnetic waves.

Future Developments

Today, the technology looks to have enormous application potential. FIT Therapy’s mission is backed by the FIT Scientific Board, including nationally and internationally respected Researchers and Doctors engaged in conducting scientific studies to confirm the efficacy of FIT Therapy or discover what new potential it has, thus broadening the technology’s range of possible applications.